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The Mom Flow is our safe space… and no, you don’t need to be a mom to enjoy the content, and that’s why I feel like it’s going to be so great. Because, while I’m a mom, the FLOW means also enjoying life outside of being a mom and knowing that it’s OK to still be you, even if you’re re-discovering who that is after having a baby.

SO, what can you expect here? Well, everything that means I’m living in my Mom Flow…
My fave purchases
What we’re eating/using/buying/getting rid of
Pop-culture chats (Sister Wives? Podcasts? Housewives? Probs!)
Fashion and what I wear, what Lola wears
Home stuff like organization, updates, faves
Marriage (the real stuff we’re all navigating as moms and women)
The work, life, mom juggle as a business owner and influencer
The real real REAL… insecurities, friendship breakups, fears and truths
Mom Flow hacks because you can’t do it all at ONE TIME
Things no one else is talking about like my struggles and personal opinions… maybe even a rant or two (and if you know my rants, you know I don’t hold back)

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